Screen time must be reduced for children during lockdown, says Alwarpet doctor

Children, who are used to an active lifestyle, need to be engaged constructively, says a paediatrician at Alwarpet.

Dr. Benny Benjamin, whose clinic is at C. V. Raman Road, Alwarpet, says, “Children are very active at school, the lockdown has reduced a lot of activities for them. As a result of which there is a tendency for them to watch ipads, phones or televisions for extended periods of time. This must be avoided. Parents must engage them differently if not they will become couch potatoes. Physical activities like skipping and yoga can be done at home and this must be encouraged”.

When asked why children have not been affected too much by coronavirus he says, “For children all their organs are functioning properly and are not getting worn out. There are certain viruses which affect elders a lot more than children and coronavirus seems to be like one of those viruses. For example adults who have chikungunya have more severe joint pains than children. Children hardly notice these pains”.