Widespread power breakdowns reported from Mylapore

Many Mylaporeans are reporting power supply breakdowns and blips and from different areas.

Anu Nagendra from Karpagam Avenue said today that ’till late last night 3/4 houses in 4th Street still did not get power. Some really hardworking EB official tried to fix the line but only managed a temporary power supply by 9pm. But the voltage is very low and the fans barely run.’

K. Venkataraman says – Not only Karpagam Avenue, First Trust Link Street, where Indian Bank, Eeast R A Puram is located also suffered an outage from midnight and power was resumed only by 9 a.m today.

Subramaniam Seshadri mailed – R A Puram is no better.Last 4 hours no power today. Outage everyday. Difficult to work from home.

Abitha Sridhar mailed to say New Street in Mylapore has power problems too.

Aditya Shah wrote to say – Thiruvengadam Street, Mandaveli is having regular power cuts every night at 10.30 pm for a minimum of 1-2 hours. Last night there was a power cut for almost 3 hrs from 10.30 pm to 2 am.

Shobana Raj says local transformer seems to have burst and the supply is badly affected.

Baskar Seshadri said TANGEDCO staff worked through the night to set right issues and some parts of Mylapore got power restored.


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