Billroth Hospitals will be open for out patient services from May 11

R. A. Puram based Billroth Hospitals, a non Covid hospital, will now be open for out patient services from Monday, May 11.

The manager of the hospital G. Ravichandran says, “We have set up a fever clinic inside our compound but a little away from the main building. When a patient enters the hospital, they will first be taken to the fever clinic where their medical history and other details will be taken. After their temperature is checked and their hands are sanitized they will be directed to the hospital”.

He continues, “If they come in with a fever, we will test them for coronavirus. They can stay at the clinic till the results come out. If they stay close by, our ambulance will drop them home and pick them up once the results come out negative”.

Patients must fix an appointment before dropping in, he says. The outpatient services will be open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Casualty services are open 24 hours. They are located at 52, 2nd Main Rd, R. A. Puram.

To schedule an appointment call them at 42921100, 8056032723, 8939204040.