Residents of these apartments are doing all they can to help seniors living alone

Residents of these apartment complexes in Mylapore are taking special care to ensure seniors living alone are at ease.

At Ashiana Apartments in Venus Colony, Alwarpet, a group of women have taken charge to regulate precautionary measures to prevent the virus spread. The women have formed a WhatsApp group called COVID to reach out to residents and pass on important messages.

Says Vidya, a resident of this apartment, “We have over 20 senior citizens who are living alone. Now, even though we don’t allow domestic helpers, members of the COVID group allow them if seniors need their helpers in an emergency. However, they ensure that domestic workers wear masks and sanitise their hands.”

Vidya says that they also regularly visit or call the seniors to check if they are alright. “We are ready to provide our full support in a medical emergency as well.”

Residents of Dwarka Apartments at Raja Street in Mandaveli have a nurse and doctor on call to attend to the medical needs of its residents especially senior citizens.

Says Ganga Sridhar, Secretary of Dwaraka Apartments, “We have at least two seniors at each of the six flats here. In one of them, there are two elderly women living alone. Once, during the lockdown, there was a block at their kitchen sink. I immediately arranged a plumber to carry out the repair work. However, I asked him to wear a mask and maintain physical distance from residents at the house, ” she says.

Ganga says they also allow domestic helpers if seniors need them.

The residents are also making sure to help the seniors with medicines, veggies and groceries. In case of a medical emergency, we have a male nurse and doctor on call, she says.

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