Shortage of fresh veggies, fruits in some stores

Shoppers who were out today said that the supply of vegetables and fruits was uneven and this may have been because Koyembedu wholesale market was shut down.

While some stores had good variety and fresh vegetables, smaller ones had less.

Surya Greens in R A Puram was well stocked and the store says it now gets its stocks from the Dharmapuri area, not via Koyembedu.

But many hawkers on South Mada Street had limited variety and stocks.

However, the number of pushcart veggie hawkers seem to have increased and they come from T. Nagar and far off; they are not locally based.

Says Baskar Seshadri, “Kutchery Road side hawkers selling good stuffs..Let me list today’s shopping – Beans and Avarakkai – half kilo , Tomato half kilo, Potato half kilo with chillies and karuveppilai cost about Rs 150.”

Said Karpagam Pratheep, “All vegetables are available in a store near Vidhya Bharathi Kalyana Mandapam.”

Added Krithika Veeraraghavan – Prices are high but onion, potatoes and tomatoes are available in plenty and others are reasonably stocked across all stores.

C R Balaji says – Vegetable stores have empty shelves due to lack of supply. In South Mada Street only handful of hawkers are selling now

Radha Vasudevan said – Vendor was seen taking his veggies around on his tricycle. He says he gets his veggies from T. Nagar. Prices are double. Tomatoes are now fifty rupees a kilo. Vendaikkai 50₹ half kilo and brinjals are 50₹ half kilo.

There are some shoppers who want the South Mada Street hawkers’ market shifted.

Jayalakshmi Mohan says the market must be moved out to  the Alphonsa playground or the one in Mandaveli.

  • Photo by Kathiravan / MT


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