SOS from USA. Ill mother. Charitable doctor. And all is well.

Sriram Thyagarajan sent a SOS to Mylapore Times on Friday. He was in the USA.

His mom, a senior and a retired nurse needed medical attention. She had fallen ill and was feeling giddy. He was looking for a doctor to consult or even make a home visit.

Mylapore Times posted Sriram’s message on its FB page. In less than five minutes there was a query – what is the illness?

Sriram connected even as other Mylporeans gave some leads.

In less than 5 minutes, a doctor – a oncologist had connected, set up video calls across the continents and diagnosed the problem of the Mylaporean.

The local pharmacy delivered the medicines.

Sriram was a happy man. So was his mother. And after Mylapore Times posted the story on FB, people offered greetings to the doctor, Srivathsan Ramani.

One Comment on “SOS from USA. Ill mother. Charitable doctor. And all is well.”

  1. I really appreciate the updates in Mylapore Times in these troubled times & the fact that the newspaper has become a major network for communication in our area. Undoubtedly the local daily is what one looks forward to everyday.

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