This youth raised funds in MRC Nagar to support NGO’s relief effort

Many people have been doing their own little thing in reaching out to people in distress this season.

One of them is young Arvind Sivaram.

He is a class 12 student living in MRC Nagar and a volunteer for ‘Chudar’, a NGO based in Mylapore which has been educating children in poor colonies in the city and in Mylapore.

‘Chudar’ had to suspend its classes and turn to reaching out to poor families. Which it did.

When Arvind learnt about  the Covid relief work of the NGO, he decided to  approach all families in his apartment complex to raise funds.

He wrote a detailed, personal and passionate appeal talking about his association with Chudar and highlighting the need for supporting people affected by the lockdown.

Inspired by his approach, one of the residents also came forward to match funds upto Rs.50000.

Says Ravishankar A,, who heads Chudar, “Thanks to Arvind, Chudar has been able to help many more families with ration kits, sanitizers and masks.”

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