Timeline of Coronavirus spread in Mylapore. From March 28 to today.

The coronavirus outbreak that began in Mylapore by late March has now spread far and wide affecting more than 45 people in the neighbourhood.

Virus cases have since been reported from different parts including San Thome, R.A.Puram, Abhiramapuram, Mandaveli, Nochikuppam and Thiruvalluvar Salai.

On March 28, the first virus case was reported at San Thome. A 65-year-old man tested virus-positive after he returned from New Zealand.

On April 19, the next virus case was reported. This time, a 69-year-old man living off Lazarus Church Road in R A Puram tested virus-positive.

By the second week of April, the 65-year-old San Thome resident got fully recovered and was back home.

On April 22, seven people from his household in San Thome tested virus-positive. This included his wife and six domestic helpers at his house.

On the same day, a 40-year-old woman resident of South Trustpakkam Street tested virus-positive. She is the daughter of the 69-year-old man who had earlier tested virus-positive.

Around the same time, a Tamizh TV channel staff residing at Shanthi Flats on Appu Street tested virus-positive.

However, a few days later, he tested negative for the virus. Residents of Shanthi Flats confirmed that the TV channel staffer had earlier tested positive under a defective Rapid Test Kit (RTK).

On April 25, a new case was reported at Meenambal Puram slum, located behind Citi Centre mall in Mylapore. Here a woman had tested positive for the virus.

On April 28, 12 more cases were reported from Meenambal Puram. All were contacts of the woman who first tested virus-positive here. It is not clear of the contacts have tested negative or still in quarantine.

On April 29, Nochikuppam reported its first case. A 42-year-old man of this area tested virus-positive.

On April 30, three persons, who are owners of a store in Mandaveli got infected by the virus.

In the first week of May, two police officers residing at CID police quarters at Papanasam Sivan Salai tested positive for the virus.

On May 6, two cases one each at Pallakuma Nagar and Kapali Thotam were reported. Since then, more cases are said to have popped up in Kapali Thotam.

On May 7, cases were reported from Nochikuppam, K.V.B Gardens and Abhiramapuram. At Nochikuppam, ten more virus-positive cases were reported. At K.V.B Gardens off Kamarajar Salai in R.A.Puram two women tested virus-positive. And one virus case was reported from Abhiramapuram Fourth Street.

On May 8, four virus cases – two each at Nattu Subbarayan Street and Pudupalli Street were reported.

At Nattu Subbarayan Street, off Bazaar Road, a father-daughter duo tested positive for the virus. At Pudupalli Street off Madha Church Road, two children turned virus-positive.

On May 10, one virus case was reported at Thiruvalluvar Salai near Thiruvalluvar temple. Here a middle-aged man turned virus-positive.

Around this time, a case was reported in Adam Street ( Mandaveli end).

Note: Not all cases are listed or their condition updated in the Chennai Corporation data. MT relies on trusted local sources too.

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