USA resident highlights pitiable treatment by association heads of her old parents in Mylapore

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‘I cannot believe how callous and idiotic some apartments heads are behaving including the ones in which my parents stay currently! My parents have been suffering without a washing machine for weeks now and washing clothes by hand at their age with all their health ailments has really led to a deterioration in my parents health! And our plumber is not being allowed inside the apartment! Parents are really being harassed by these association clowns!’

A young woman scientist ( who now wishes to be anonymous) has put out this message on her Facebook page. She resides in the USA and her parents are in an apartment block in Mylapore.

This America resident had privately e-mailed Mylapore Times on this issue, bothered as she was in lockdown time.  The newspaper put out a general note on the issue of association heads acting a bit too cold and insensitive in some campuses of Mylapore.

Only one person mailed to say that the rules in her campus were too strict as regulations had begun to ease.

“If the association arranges for its select handymen like plumbers and electricians then life can be easy but they don’t and they shut out people we call in,” said this Mylaporean who wished to remain anonymous.

Many others say that their associations have been kind and charitable, especially in dealing with seniors, that they have formed teams to take care of urgent needs and that strict rules are required so that infection does not happen in campuses where over 200 people reside.

However, in the present case, where the daughter has been open and vocal of her parents’ situation, there is no relief.

11 Comments on “USA resident highlights pitiable treatment by association heads of her old parents in Mylapore”

  1. This issue is out come of the corona 2020 many associations tell lot of stories. May it seems to be right on both sides.we can’t judge without going into the real facts.
    Accusation is not the solution.

  2. Urban clap is an organisation which sends all service people
    One has to register and give the details
    If washing machine is the issue call senior citizen help line
    Vivek replaces all items

  3. Sir,
    I am fond of mylapore, and beautiful temples, but as stated mylapore persons are idiotic, they will show themselves as learned, but no common sense very sorry to use these strong words

  4. Petty persons go drunk on such titles as President Secratary etc of residence associations and behave like dictators.
    So no surprise we find our elected politicians behaving thr same
    Some sort of EGO journey i presume and an indian teait which is found invariably in all resident association be it 4 or 400 flats.
    Immaturity is the trait and a sorry state of affairs

  5. It is in the good of the senior citizens that outsiders are strictly not allowed in because these people have the maximum mortality from corona.This American child has great care for her elderly parents left alone to fend for themselves in India.There are no flights still from US and she cannot be here if they fall sick with corona and worse still be stricken by it.All American children who have left their parents to their fate in India must learn to see the good their parents receive and not criticize the do gooders

  6. The Editor

    Too unparliamentary words by the daughter though you say it is on social media post. I had also read the earlier story written by you on this issue, which was a fair story by you at that time.

    I reside in an independent house and hence do not know the issues such as these.

    But it would have been nice if she had mentioned the specifics of the email exchanges she had with the association secretary / residents of the association. Did she post requests to them on the issues at them. What was the response from the assn and why did they say so.

    I do not know which apartments is this. But this story and choice of words reproduced above is not appreciated.

    It is extraordinarily challenging times and every resident is worried about health issues. One is always apprehensive of the hygienic habits of outsiders who enter the apartments. Hence a lot of them are cautious.

    Sitting on high ground in the US, to use such words is saddening. The daughter has to be sensitive to the reality on the ground here.

    I do understand the health issues of senior citizens and all of us have to play a supportive role in that.

    But that does not give us the right, sitting overseas, to say whatever one wants in whatever way they want. Freedom to expression does not give anyone the right to use such words.

    I would request you to post the association side of the story to go along with this or would request you to remove the social media quoted part of the above story.

    Thank You

  7. In my opinion, any Association cannot prevent/obstruct such essential service people from visiting. This, if it is to be done can be done only by the competent authorities and not by Resident associations. What best they could do is to advise the residents that any such external service people visiting them should follow certain norms such as 1) Strictly confine to the job and not loiter around in the common areas 2) Must wear masks 3) Providing hand sanitizers to them is the individual resident’s responsibility and wherever possible not to use lifts. Associations cannot issue such guidelines and the aggrieved resident could threaten them that the issue will be taken to police. What will be case if a fuse is blown or a serious electric fault that has tripped the electricity supply in a house – should one wait for the lifting of the lockdown, to call an electrician ??? Defies logic and sounds unrealistic

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