Kuppams off Marina barricaded to discourage movement of residents

Chennai Corporation organised two large medical camps last weekend inside the densely populated seaside colony of Srinivasapuram, off Foreshore Estate.

Set in the open air in one corner and one at a community hall, volunteers went around calling out families to be screened for fever and cough. Other workers sanitised the residential blocks. A third group distributed masks to households.

A local social worker said that over 15 people were found to be ill and were taken in an ambulance for further checks.

The social worker says that though many families stay indoors in this colony, dominated by daily-wagers, fisherfolk and seniors, they congregate at shops and open spaces.

Hence, during this current lockdown police patrols do the rounds of all the seaside kuppams; barricades have been pulled across each kuppam to curt off inter-colony movement.

The roadside fish hawkers market has been shut down, with police warning hawkers of a severe fine if they violate rules.

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