Heat keeps off people from Silent Reading meet in park

The Silent Reading Movement group met around the Chess Square at Nageshwara Rao Park  on Sunday evening for its fortnightly meet and read session.

There were about ten participants of all ages, the thin attendance must have been due to the searing heat of the day that kept people away.

Deeksha, one of the readers, talked about the initiative taken by her parents, Aparna and Balaji, to launch and sustain this group which was started about 18 months ago and takes place every alternate Sunday.

She was later spotted reading ‘Anne of the Green Gables’.

Another teen, Achyuth, was found reading a collection of Sudha Murthy’s stories. He was joined by his parents at this meet.

People are welcome to join the reading meet every alternate Sunday, 4 p.m. for an hour.

  • Report, photos: Chara Shree Katare / MT Journalism Program trainee