Mylaporean in Singapore suggests local celebrities spread awareness on virus prevention

Kala Neelakantan, a diehard Mylaporean now lives and works in Singapore but she keeps a close watch on developments back home.

That is because her parents live here.

And when a person in the neighbourhood where her parents reside tested positive, she mailed Mylapore Times to share the news. Like many Mylaporeans do.

Kala says she is disturbed by people’s carefree attitude in public spaces at this time. And wonders if Mylaporea’s celebrities can group together to create ‘awareness’ videos.

She writes – When the number of Covid-19 cases were increasing in the migrant community in Singapore and in the Middle East, there were a lot of Tamil celebrities who sent a video recorded message urging the workers to stay positive, wear a mask and follow the orders of the local government.’

Kala wonders if Mylapore based film/stage/music and arts celebrities can do the same and target the neighbourhood.

She notes – ‘All that the celebrities need to do is pick up their phone, take a Whatsapp video and tell their fans / rasikas to wear a mask and go out in public only when necessary. The celebrities may not know the influence their message can have on their fans. Such a simple gesture on their end can help a lot in spreading awareness about this virus.’

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