What steps can make this lockdown impactful? Some comments by Mylaporeans

As Mylapore prepares with the city for another ‘complete’ lockdown from June 19, Mylapore Times asked residents of the area for three suggestions that would help make the lockdown really impactful.

We received some 25 comments on the Facebook page.

Here are some extracts –

Neelakantan Ranganathan : Many people are either ignorant or indifferent to wear masks and also in maintaining distancing norms. Public participation to create awareness is necessary. Everyone should question the violators and advise them to wear masks.

Ramdas Naik Chennai Corporation should ask citizens to report violations to the zone AE and we should be assured anonymity.

Srivatsa Kasturi What is also need of the hour is a more professional and strict contact tracing.

Dominic Daly You should see Nilgiris (store) in Dr. R K Salai yesterday evening : it was a circus. No social distancing but social crowding and panic buying. I skipped going there.. nobody is bothered.

Geetha Mahesh 1. Enforce strict and proper wearing of masks in public even for walks inside apartment communities failing which a fine can be collected 2. Markets selling both vegetables and meat can be closed and stand-alone shops can be encouraged for the same. 3. Local vendors for all types of goods can deliver products. That will reduce crowding in shops

Girija Duraiswamy I still have my reservations – rain or shine, the public is least bothered..I don’t think this lockdown is going to make any difference

Harish Ranganathan If they lockdown the Mandaveli market and Mylapore roadside markets, it will be useful.

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