This Mandaveli community has been quite busy this past month. Painting corners of sidewalks and handling Metro Water issues.

There has been quite a lot of activity going on in the R. K. Nagar community this past month.

K. L. Bala, an active member of both Thiruveedhi Amman Koil Street Residents Association (TAKSRA) and the R. K. Nagar Residents Association (RKNAGARRA) at Mandaveli, says “Several painters in our area lost their jobs and so as part of our initiative to keep the street and surroundings clean we decided to hire them to paint the corners of  pavements (seen in the picture) and the pots that we had placed on the sidewalks at Thiruveedhi Amman Koil Street West, Mandaveli”.

He adds, “Yet another thing that we have been doing is to fix the water supply situation in the R. K. Nagar neighbourhood. For years now, our tanks have always only been 20% full, that is all we receive on a regular basis. But this past month the water flow has been worse. The whole of last week we did not receive water at all. That improved a little this past weekend but then again our tanks filled up to about 10%. And so for the past few weeks we have been asking the metro water officials for greater transparency with respect to the water flow data. While metro water may supply water every other day, as residents we feel that we have a right to know how much water is released every time the supply is switched on”.

Bala says he is also disturbed by the fact that people don’t seem to understand the importance of wearing masks. He says, “When I was at Venkatakrishna Road, Mandaveli recently, it was unsettling to see most of the people walking around without masks. The shop owners and employees must insist on customers wearing masks. In our area, we have been sending out frequent messages about the benefits of using masks and we have also been closely monitoring the streets through the CCTV cameras to ensure that everybody who is outside has a mask on. Associations in the neighbourhood should take up the responsibility of ensuring that their residents don’t leave their homes without masks”.