This pharmacy allows you to buy medicines on credit basis

To help customers during crisis times, KosMed pharmacy in Mandaveli is providing a facility to buy medicines via a credit system.

Through this system, people can buy medicines and pay for it at a later date.

Says Prabhu Vijay, manager at the shop, “As several people are facing salary cuts or delayed payment due to lockdown, they are unable to pay for medicines immediately after its purchase. But since, medicines are very crucial for everyone, we are selling it through the credit system.”

For people who need this service, the shop maintains a notebook to keep a record of their medicine purchase. And collects money from them at a later date, according to the customers preference.

He says that most customers prefer monthly payment. Others pay a few days after medicine purchase.

Although the shop is facing a business loss, it is providing this service to support customers during the pandemic.¬† “We too are facing business loss as customers have dwindled after lockdown. However, we continue to provide this service to help people during trying times.”

The shop will be open 24 * 7. At 18/43, Nattu Muthukumarappan Street, Mylapore. Ph: 7845602763/79649913.

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