Crows rescued from trees at Greenways Road Extn. They get injured in kite threads.

This Saturday morning, yet another crow which was hanging from the branch of a tree at Greenways Road Extn, R. A. Puram, in a colony behind Sai Aravind Community hall, was rescued.

This seems to be common here, mostly in summer.

Sumitra Srikanth, a resident here says, “This has been happening every summer for a couple of years now. The children in the neighbourhood fly kites from the terrace in summer and the crows get stuck in the threads. This morning (June 27), the crows got trapped as their wings were caught in the threads. Several other crows were flying around the crow that had got hurt and were cawing loudly. We then brought the crow down and gave it some water. After about an hour of rest, the bird flew away. The same thing happened on Thursday this week”.

Sumitra says something has to be done to protect these birds.

“Flying kites is something all of us have done when we were younger. But such incidents rarely happened then. Parents and children need to have a look at the kind of threads used to fly kites nowadays and change them if necessary.”

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