Well-known catering professional Chellappa passes away

Well-known catering professional who went simply by the name of Chellappa passed away on June 10 evening. He was admitted to a Alwarpet hospital after he fell ill, was treated for the virus and succumbed to it.

The funeral rites are scheduled at 11 am on June 11 at the Mylapore crematorium and will be conducted as per regulations applied to people who die of the virus – only  a few people, in protective gear are allowed not-too-close access to the body and only for a short while.

The news of Chellappa’s passing away brought in a flood of tributes from across Mylapore, the city and the world.

For, since the 1990s when he set off on his own his catering was not only was sought after but he was signed up by generations and across extended families – be it for weddings, shastiabdapoorthi or for socials.

Over time, his business expanded.

Chellappa was also known to be a devout person – devoted to Lord Ayyappa and Sri Kapali and goddess Karpagambal and those close to his family say he was also a generous benefactor – he not only donated to religious causes but also supported people and organisations that needed help.

He built a multi-storeyed house in Pitchu Pillai Street, near Sri Kapali Temple and operated from there.

Friends said that they had spoken to him in mid-May and he was as busy as he always is.

He is survived by his wife and two children.

  • Photo organised by Baskar Seshadri

38 Comments on “Well-known catering professional Chellappa passes away”

  1. Shocked to see the News in Facebook.
    What a nice soul!.
    Always greeted well and respected and helped me.

    May his soul Rest In Peace.

    Please follow the rules strictly: Wear Mask, Use Sanitizer and main Social distance
    Stay Safe…


  2. Very sad to know Sri Chellalppa is no more. His catering services for the wedding of my daughter, my own Shashtiabdapoorthy and my Son’s wedding were appreciated by all. I remember his smiling face & pleasant manners always. May God bless him eternal peace. My heartfelt condolences to his family. May God give them support, strength to recover from this sad phase. Narayanan.

  3. It was very shocking to hear the sad demise of Shri.Chellappa. Very charming and approachable person. Starting from my engagement, wedding, seemantham, grahapravesham and 2 ayush homams for my children, mama was always there. My prayers to the almighty Sri Kapaleeswarar, Goddess Karpagambal and Dharmasasta to rest the great soul in peace. My prayers to the family aswell.

  4. மஹான் செல்லப்பா அண்ணா இன்றும் எங்களுடன் இருக்கிறார்.
    Still….we can’t believe he is no more..
    He is always with us..in our hearts..
    From scratch…to with his hard work..honesty..he developed his catering services to all..He treated the persons equally with his smile.He won the hearts of people..Lot of memorable works done by him for the society…like siva rathiri.He did anandha anand to all..In 1990s he used to.walk from chennai to sabarimala..Immediately after reaching sabarimala..he will start his anna dhanam .
    till now…Why…ayyappan called……
    I was told by many families he is not for money.He will work for 24 hrs.
    He maintained his simplicity..till today..He did more for the bigwigs and the normal people..all weddings,sashtiapthapoorthis,sadhabishegams,kanakabhishegams…He lived a very simple disciplined life..he was god-fearing..earned lots of affection from all …
    Particularly we want to mention people who do catering for..good events.But chellappa anna..if he hears any death news..he will not see whether he is his client.
    உடனே பிரதிபலன் பாராமல் உணவு அனுப்பி வைப்பார்..அவரின் வாழ்க்கை எங்களுக்கு ஒரு எடுத்துக்காட்டு.
    அவர் எனறும் அவரது குடும்பாத்தை வாழவைப்பார் .மஹான் செல்லாப்பா அண்ணா


  5. Sairan.Very shocking news to know on the passing away of Sri Chellappa Sir.Pray Baghwan Baba for the atma Shanti of the departed soul and sure he would have attained his Lotus Feet as he was an example to Baba’s saying “Love All Serve All Help Ever Hurt Never.

    Chellappa Sir was not only associated with all our family functions for the last 28 years and for the last 10 years on every Baba’s Birthday function 23 rd November of our Samithi he will promptly send Prasadam for Narayanaseva.He will not accept any payment for this if we compel he will direct us to donate for another charity.This shows the philanthropic life he led.
    Pray Baghwan to give strength and courage to his family members ,working team friends and customers to bear this loss.

    Sankara Raman

  6. the news we heard was saddening and shocking. i had met him several times at his house. He was a nice and soft spoken person. in january, 2020 we met him and booked catering for my daughter’s wedding on 6 & 7th of June. he gave us lot of courage and offered to help in any way possible for the wedding but later we had to postponed due to corona.he was even then talking genuinely and sweet. I strongly believe his soul would have reached swargam/vaikundham immediately after his demise. Let Lord karpagambal give the courage to his family to overcome the unbearrable demise.

  7. Shocked to hear the news

    Shri Chellapa was a great person who does the work with lot of passion and who is not for money.
    We had to chase him and plead him to accept the payment for catering of our daughters wedding
    Our Heartfelt condolences to the Family

  8. While one part is a shock on the other part how he could pass away within two days because of corona.medical
    feternity should update the family frequently allow the family to look at him through glass doors and the patient should respond at the site of their near ones OMG

  9. The world surely become poor without this gentleman. Know him for a longtime. A simple honest ever smiling man. My condolences to his wife and children. No doubt he will be at the lotus feet of Karpagambal. Dear Chellappa you will always be remembered not becuase of your profession but for your way of life.

  10. I am very sad to hear about the demise of great person Mr.Chellappa.I and my family convey deep condolences to your family.May his soul rest in peace.

  11. Deeply saddened to hear this…had met him once and was touched by his humility and positivity…May God give his family strength to bear this loss

  12. A well known catering giant yet affable and accessible. For my son’s marriage in 2016, he did a superb catering job. So sad, he succumbed to Corona and left the world he could have lived for longer time.

  13. Chellama ellarum appa nu kooppittathunale chellappa nu per vandhatho ennavo . Excellent human being is lost .He was helped so many families was never ever greedy of money.He did my son’s marriage in 2004 Jan and beleive me we had to run after him to ask for the bill and finally settled it after 10 months.
    His devotion to kapali and Karpakambal was in parelled.Ev

    Pray for his aathmaa to rest in the Lotus feet of the Lord and give courage to the family to bear the loss .

  14. திரு செல்லப்பா அவர்கள் கடும் உழைப்பே உயர்வு தரும் என்ற தாரகமந்திரத்தின் குறியீடாகத் திகழ்ந்தார். எங்கள் குடும்ப வளைகாப்பு சீமந்தம் நிகழ்ச்சிக்கு அவரது கேட்டரிங் மிகச் சிறப்பாக அமைந்தது.

    திருமயிலை கற்பகாம்பாளுக்கு லலிதா ஸஹஸ்ர நாமம் பதிக்கப்பட்ட பொன்மாலை உருவாக்கி அணிவிக்க அரும்பாடுபட்டு, தனது வேலைச்சுமைக்கிடையே அந்தப் புனிதப் பணியையும் அவர் மிகச் சிறப்பாக செய்து முடித்தார். அன்னாரது ஆன்மா சிவலோகம் ப்ராப்தி அடைந்தது.

    அவரது பிரிவால் வாடும் குடும்பத்தார், உறவினர்கள், நண்பர்கள், வாடிக்கையாளர்கள் அனைவருக்கும் நமது இரங்கல் செய்தியைத் தெரிவித்துக் கொள்கிறோம்.

  15. Words fail me to describe the sad demise of this noble soul.A large hearted polite and ever smiling
    Person whose contribution to society in conducting various functions most efficiently will be remembered for genations.May his soul rest in peace and may the Lord give strength to his family to bear this terrible loss.

  16. OM SHANTI ! Felt very sad! So noble a soul deserves better send off! Totally unexpected and untimely!Our entire family mourn the irreperable loss!Honestly speaking, any middle Class family, who had availed his catering services will accord at least 80% credit to Chellappa Anna for the smooth successfull and tension free conducting of themarriage of their children!TRUSTING is a very great rare quality in him.Sincere Preayers for his soul to rest in peace and heartfelt codolences to his family members!

  17. From late ‘80s till 2017, Sri Chellappa has catered to our functions at many levels, upanayanam, wedding, and even home-based events. Soft person, hard to forget his gentle and respectful nature.
    May he rest peacefully.

  18. Very sad and shocking news. Lost a great soul.we were blessed to have his wonderful service for my both daughters marriages and he will always remain in our hearts. A very simple humble person. May god give their family strength to bear this loss and may his soul reach the lotus feet of god.

  19. Shocked to hear the passing away of the noble soul.He was very polite,humble and very helpful.he did the catering for my daughter marriage in Kuchallambal mandapam in chetpet in the year 2002.catering was superb.well appreciated by one and all.Even today after 18 yrs when we talk about my daughter marriage all our relatives and friends think about his catering service only.Not at all money minded.he took care of all arrangement in my daughter marriage.such is his greatness.
    My heartfelt condolences to his family members.
    May his soul rest in peace


  20. A loveable and affectionate person… willing to help always..
    For my sons upanayanam, he had helped me with catering. An ordent devotee of kapali and karpakambal, his death has caused immense agony and depression in the minds of general public.. Kapali has taken him to HIS feet early in life but only HE knows.. In his demise, Mylapore has become poorer. My heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family..
    On Namah Shivaya
    S Chandramouli
    Mylapore, Chennai

  21. Gentleman and a great philonthrafist and committed to the profession with the sole aim of satisfaction to customer.Knew him since 1992 when he did the catering for my daughter’s marriage. The unexpected guests in every session in the marriage was managed by Chellappa in an excellent manner.He never gave importance to advance payment or settlement of bills. Always took care of his employees and used to say feeding employees is better than advertising expenditure.May his soul rest in peace.My heartfelt condolences to the beraved family and his employees who lost their leader.

  22. We are really shocked to hear the news of sudden demise of this great caterer who cares for people and not for money
    I have availed his servucecfor my daughter’s marriage in ,1994
    The guests were so happy about his dedicated hospitality with a smile we really miss him
    Om shanthi om shanthi our condolence to the bereaved family.

  23. It is very shocking to hear the sad demise of Shri.Chellappa. Very great , charming ,honest and philanthropic person . He was a great expert in managing any situation in marriages . His smiling face ,soothing and encouraging words always linger in our memory . We pray to Lord Ayyappa , Lord Kapaleeswara and Goddess Karpagsmbal to rest the soul in peace ! We also pray to God to give mental strength to his bereaved Wife and family to bear the great loss ! Om Namasivaiah !

  24. Very sorry to hear this sad news. He was my personal friend and had assissted with catering in my son and daughter’s weddings. May his soul rest in peace.

  25. Feeling very sad. A simple person,a kind person with an intention always to help the needy.
    He was responsible for conducting the marriage of both my daughters in a very decent way..For the Punyas he earned we pray his soul to rest in Vishnu Paadham

  26. Very sad. He performed the wedding of my daughter during 2007. Very sincere and able organiser. There was no room for even a single complaint. We will miss him

  27. Saddened to see this great man leaving us. He had been part and parcel of every occasion in our family.

    He did not hesitate to take up catering for my moms 16th day ritual. We wanted her exit to be complete and Chellappa was the obvious choice. All other caterers refused to take up the task stating they will engage only for happy rituals. I was hesitant to reach out to this famous man but when contacted, Chellappa said to be rest assured that he will do a excellent lunch even for rituals.

    His statement was “life has both happy moments and sad moments and we should equally embrace both.”

    This great man going is a blow to Humanity.

  28. Me and my family are extremely shocked & in deep agony hearing this irreparable loss. Our family and my Mama’s family were very much in good contacts with Sh.Chellappa Mama and deeply wounded for this incident. Being a staunch Lord Ayyappa devotee, I pray for the departed soul to attain His lotus feet. Om Shanthi…No words to express our condolences.

  29. Absolutely shocked to hear about this sad news.

    Was the chief man monitoring cooking and other arrangements in our family weddings.
    Let his soul RIP.
    Our heart-felt condolences to his family members.

  30. May his soul rest in peace. Avery lovable person. Never used to bother about the amount due to him. I had to chase him and forced him to accept the catering charges for my daughter,s wedding after two full years.

  31. U have done a lot for my wedding in an awsome way,expertise and highly disciplined way n also for my thala deepavali.we really miss you uncle!!no one can neither replace you nor your flavours and lip smacking taste….GREAT LOSS Indeed to the catering field n to ur family….
    May your R.I.P

  32. Namasthe.

    It is really a shocking news to all of us.
    Almost everyday we used to meet while crossing the eastern entrance of Sri Kabaleeswarar Temple.
    We will be missing the smile which was his unique response whenever he meet people.
    Let him attain the Lotus Feet of Sriman Narayanan and adorn the feet of Sri Kabaleeswararn.

  33. Sri Chellappa was agood friend of our Sabarimalai group,Pamba bala troup headed by Sri,Sivaraman
    Guruswamy.He has come with us via periapathai for several years.He has donated for all food expenses at Chennai and all over thetrip.He is a big philonthrapist and loved by all.He rendered services by himself and also donated for various causes.May his noble soul rest in peace.May lord AYYAPPA bless him and his family,Swamy Saranam,

  34. Shocked to hear the sudden demise of Chellappa. He took not only catering but also all the responsibilities of my daughters’ marriages and also for all my relatives. We will not conduct any function in our families without
    Chellappa’s involvement.
    He was very polite and never got angry.
    Pray God to give enough strength to his family members to bear this loss.
    Let his soul rest in peace.
    K.Parameswaran, Madipakkam.

  35. Very sad& shocking news.Great soul.great character.simple,honest,devoted,dedicated,disciplined professional,generous donor in all respects.A firm believer in the Hindu traditions,liberal donor,contributor to all philanthrophic activivities in the society. We have a lost a Great soul.

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