Fitness fanatics make use of Alphonsa ground to loosen up

You cannot keep fitness fanatics indoors too long.

Those who reside in Mandavelipakkam now head to the Corporation playground near the Airtel office, popularly known as Alphonsa ground and exercise and walk here every morning.

C. R. Balaji who was cycling past the ground this Sunday morning says he saw a dozen people bending, stretching and walking inside the ground on a cloudy morning.

“But there were no footballers here,” Balaji added. This ground is a favourite for local area football players too. On weekends, they and cricket players would have crowded the place. Activity in playgrounds and parks are still banned due to the pandemic.

Outside the ground, Balaji says he saw a kind soul feeding stary dogs. ( seen in the photo)

  • Photo by C R Balaji

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