Sunday shutdown total, ‘fever’ camps held in different areas

Yet another Lockdown Sunday ( July 26) accomplished what it is supposed to – total shut down.

Save for a few shops that sell essentials like milk, the rest, from end to end in the busy market and shopping zones of Mylapore were shut for the day – be it the mada streets, TTK Road, Mandaveli Street, R K Mutt Road and Royapettah High Road ( scene shown in this photo).

There were hardly any bikes or cars on the roads, with violators being handed out severe fines. Even the inner streets were quiet.

The Marina fish market was quiet, stalls shut down and the Loop Road deserted, save for crows that fed on some fish waste and some loacl men chatting under the stalls to while time.

Community activist Baskar Seshadri said that a ‘fever’ camp held in Nochi kuppam along the beachside drew a decent response. Similar camps were held elsewhere in the area and cases are being identified even today.

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