Fresh pakoda and hot samosas: there is always a crowd to clean it up here!

There are Mylaporeans who cannot but check out on their favourite snacks store every other day. Even the pandemic condition does not dampen their desires.

And one shop which exhibits that desire is this ever-popular store on Mathala Narayanan Street – Sri Karpagambal Sweets Stall, once a dinghy, dark place and now a renovated, garish-looking snacks store which is every Mylaporean’s destination, noon, evening and night.

The smell of freshly-cooked samosas or pakodas draws in most passersby, or at least gains a glance.

Be it the mixture, the samosas, the pakoda or the sweets, there are people crowding at the counter throughout the day to buy them. And the regulars who are in the know of the best times to get fresh snacks make sure they head here on time and even elbow out the odd shopper.

On Saturday, the crowd was larger – Sunday being a total lockdown day, many people bought larger amounts of their favourite snacks.

One staffer of the store, mask and gloves fitted made sure there was order in the shopping though some people were simply impatient, the smell of pakodas on the boil giving them a new high.

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