Staff at Mylapore Head Post Office say seniors continue to throng the office for services that can wait

Staff at the Mylapore Head Post Office off Kuchery Road say that seniors continue to throng the office for availing ‘non-emergency’ services like passbook updation.

This trend started soon after the post office re-opened following lockdown. And the staff here say it continues to happen now.

Says a staff at the post office, “Every day, at least 20 to 50 seniors, aged between 70 and 80 are coming to the office for services like passbook updation, and for closing savings accounts.”

“Now, these services can wait. But still, they drop in, risking virus infection.”

She says that they reassure seniors that these services can be performed later. “However, the problem does not get solved.”

To address this issue, now the post office is planning to create a register and note down details of customers and the services they wish to take.

“After taking note of the services, ┬áif it is a non-emergency service, we plan to counsel the concerned customer and explain them in detail that such services can be carried out later.”

Although we perform all services, we are advising everyone especially seniors to drop in only for essential services like for sending money orders or for speed post of medicines etc. This is for their own safety, she says.

The post office will be open from 9 am to 2 pm on all days except Sundays. At Kutchery Road, Mylapore. Ph: 24642805.

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