Sri Ayyappa Swamy Temple is unusually quiet nowadays. Regulations in place.

Though Sri Ayyappa Swamy Temple on MRC Nagar, R.A.Puram re-opened on Sept.1, following the states’s guidelines, it is unusually quiet now.

This is because fewer devotees are visiting the temple on a daily basis.

Says A. N. Somasundaram, the temple manager, “Since we re-opened temple, fewer devotees are dropping in. Only 100 or less people are visiting the temple daily as against 400 during normal times.”

“Usually, the crowd would be higher on Saturdays, as it is considered auspicious to pray lord Ayyappa on that day.”

However, this past Saturday, he says not much devotees turned up. “I feel people still have their apprehensions of contracting the virus. We hope more people would visit the temple in the coming days.”

Mylaporean Uma, who had come to pray here last evening said she enjoyed the silence at the temple.

She said, “The quietness has a very calming effect on me. I feel happy and peaceful in this environment.”

The temple has also taken necessary precautions to prevent virus spread. Devotees are let inside only after mandatory temperature checks. They are also directed to wash their legs and use automatic hand sanitiser dispenser set up here, before making their way to the main shrine of Sri Ayyappa.

Open from 5.30 am to 11 am and from 5 pm to 8 pm. Ph: 24938239