Three-wheelers, bins to be used by new garbage clearance agency stocked in R. A. Puram

A whole lot of brand new garbage collection three-wheeler vans are now seen parked inside the Chennai Corporation playground end off Brodies Castle Road, near the Jesus calls campus.

They are parked at one end of the ground and have been here for some days now.

Also, stocked here are small waste collection roller bins – hundreds of them kept under tarpaulins.

Obviously, these are the new utilities that will be employed by the new waste clearance agency that has been chosen by Chennai Corporation to work in select zones of the city, and this includes Teynampet zone under which much of the Mylapore neighbourhood falls.

The contract of the previous agency got over long ago but a stop-gap service has been active all along. However, only battered waste bins and other equipment are now seen at street corners inside colonies while new lorries are engaged by GCC to clear garbage.