Learn to recite shlokas the right way: online classes for children

Dharma – The Culture Catalyst, an online initiative run by Mylapore based Sruthi Krishnamurthy is now offering classes for children on Indian culture and practices like chanting, one on one.

The classes are taken online over Zoom or Skype.

Says Sruthi Krishnamurthy, “Our culture classes will be an opportunity for children to learn shlokas with correct pronunciation and meaning.”

“It will also help improve their concentration, and information grasping capacity.”

She says that shlokas including morning and afternoon prayers, besides shlokas on various gods and goddesses like Ganesha, Siva and Lakshmi, small bhajans and stories will be taught during the classes.

“We will also explain the significance of shlokas so that kids can learn them easily.”

Children aged 5 and above can sign up for these classes. Two classes will be taken per week. Each will be for 30 minutes. The fee is Rs 1000 per month.

Sruthi started Dharma with her friends Geeta Muralidharan and Lalitha Ravindran, a few months ago, with an intention to expose children to Indian culture.

Since then, the trio has been putting out several videos on YouTube, explaining the significance of shlokas/bhajans to children in a simple manner. A few weeks ago, they also posted kolam tutorial videos on the platform, that was received well among the public.

Their videos can be viewed at YouTube page ‘Dharma the culture catalyst’

For details regarding classes contact Sruthi at 9840958971