Residents of Kallukaran Street to meet today evening to discuss civic issues in their neighbourhood

The residents of Kallukaran Street and Nattu Veerachi Street, Mylapore will have a meeting today to discuss various issues faced by their community.

K. R. Jambunathan, a senior resident of Kallukaran Street, says, “I have been here for more than six decades. For a long time now, lots of illegal activities are taking place behind our street. Cows are left to roam there and rubbish is also dumped thereby causing an unbearable stench. About two weeks ago, the entire road was relaid with concrete and the residents here now want to ensure that the road and the surroundings stay neat and clean”.

The community plans to have their first meeting there at 7 p.m. today (Oct. 7) evening. In addition to the issues given above, the residents also plan to form an association. For details contact Jambunathan at 9840142678.