Residents of Kallukaran Street and Nattu Veerachi Street meet to discuss civic issues in their locality

About 25 residents of Kallukaran Street and Nattu Veerachi Street got together on Oct. 7 evening to have their first meeting on how to go about solving the various issues faced by the residents there.

K. R. Jambunathan, a resident there, says, “We discussed several issues including the need to install CCTV cameras and to convert the street right behind Kallukaran Street into an area which could be used for seniors to walk or children to play”.

The community has also decided to form an association. They hope to start the process soon.

M. Jagadish, a resident of Kallukaran Street for more than three decades, says, “We have also decided to talk to the owners of the cows that keep roaming in our street and ask them to clean up the dung frequently”.

For details contact Jambunathan at 9840142678

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