Seniors now need not go to ration shops to authorize a representative

It was earlier announced that seniors who couldn’t go to the ration store to get rations could appoint a representative to do so on their behalf. They were initially required to go along with the representative and necessary documents and submit the same at the shop.

Seniors however don’t have to do that anymore, says a staff at the Civil Supplies office at Venkatesa Agraharam Road, Mylapore.

He says, “The representative first needs to come to the ration shop along with his/her Aadhaar Card to get the authorization form. They have to get the seniors signature on the form and submit it along with copies of the seniors Aadhar Card, smart card and other documents”.

Once that is done, an official from the office will visit the senior at home to verify the address. The senior has to verbally confirm who the representative is and the official will verify the same with the documents handed over to them. Once that has been confirmed, the authorization form will be handed over to the representative who has to bring it everytime he comes to get the rations.

For details contact them at 24642613.