This hawker makes and sells images of real life persons too

This kolu bommai hawker at North Mada Street, Mylapore has a different kind of bommai for sale. And that is a full-size image of a man, that is approximately 5 ft tall.

On Monday, shoppers were thrilled to see this doll. Some of them instantly took selfies, standing beside it too.

Hawker N. Ashok Kumar has kept the doll made of fibre for display beside his kolu bommai stall off Sekar Jewellers, diagonally opposite to Aavin shop here.

Says Ashok Kumar, a resident of Nanganallur, Chennai, “We have been making and selling kolu dolls in Mylapore for many decades. In recent times, we have started making images of real-life persons too. This after many customers requested us to make images of leaders, or their elders/ family members.”

“Some customers also wanted us to make full-size images of their loved ones, who had passed away”

He says that he along with his team can make the exact replica of a person just by seeing his/her photo.

The one he had kept for display also seems real, with the hair and skin colour looking very similar to that of a person. “In fact, many shoppers ask the rate of dolls to this bommai, thinking that it is the hawker. Recently, one lady repeatedly kept asking rate to the bommai, until we told that it was a doll,” Ashok Kumar says and laughs.

The doll is priced at Rs 22,000. Ashok Kumar and team can make full size and half size images of real-life persons. People who may want this service may contact him at 8072293253.