Morning walkers cannot do without their rounds of this park even in the rain

For many Mylaporeans, their mornings must start with a brisk, long walk inside Nageswara Rao Park in Luz.

Neither a light rain nor the cyclonic weather discourages these people.

And so, if you were to be at the park at 6 a.m. even as the rain keeps falling, you will find at least 50-odd people enjoying their walks, some carrying umbrellas – all by themselves, some in twos or even threes – for the morning walk is also a place to meet up.

However, the recent cyclonic weather has shaken up this popular park quite a bit – a few trees came crashing down, plants that were uprooted last week are still lying on the ground, wire meshes raised to safeguard the landscaped zones are torn apart or ripped and a few display boards are seen twisted twice over.

Yet, the regular walkers skip and hop over the felled plants and carry on – for, this verdant space is very inviting.

The monsoon spell has given new life to the plants here, many of which are now flowering and if you look closely at the ground, you will see many an insect.

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  1. The people around are using this park for their well being after all. If they have any social responsibility and/or pride of their community, they would chip in and do their part in at lease moving the debris away and make their space walkable.

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