Sri Kapali Temple: 2020 Brahmotsavam: Risbhabha vahanam on Mar. 5, Chariot on Mar. 7, Thiru Kalyanam on Mar. 10

Last year’s Brahmotsavam of Sri Kapali Temple that was slated to be held in Panguni of 2020 but had to be cancelled because of the national pandemic time lockdown will now be held from this Sunday ( Feb 28).

The agamas have laid out clear processes for the conduct of utsavams during war times and emergencies.

Kapali Vaidhyanathan gurukal, a long serving priest at the this temple points out the process laid out in the Agamas  “as per the Saivite Agama, a Brahmotsavam that could not be held as scheduled due to unforeseen circumstances should necessarily be conducted in the coming months (before the next – Panguni – Brahmotsavam) once normalcy returned.”

It may be recalled that the Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple had performed the Thiru Kalyana Utsavam in the first week of June last year without the physical presence of devotees.

Mylapore Times had reported this, quoting Head Priest E  Venkatasubramanian (Jayakanthan) Shivachariar that even if the Thiru Kalyanam was held as a one off event, the entire Panguni Utsavam would have to be conducted once the lockdown restrictions were lifted.

This Monday (Feb 22) even as  the Lagna Pathirakai for this year’s 2021 Panguni Brahmotsavam was read out at the Kapaleeswarar sannidhi, the Jt Commissioner of the temple, D Kaveri, told the Mylapore Times that last year’s cancelled Brahmotsavam will be held from this Sunday with all the processions being held inside the temple.

The Brahmotsavam will begin this Sunday morning with a pooja for Kolavizhi Amman and an abhisekam for Narthana Vinayakar.

Kodiyetram will take place on Monday (March 1) morning with a Pancha Moorthy procession to the Dwajaarohana Mandapam. There will also be a Pancha Moorthy procession inside the temple on Monday evening.

Rishabha Vahanam on Friday evening

Highlights of the Utsavam includes Rishabha Vahanam procession of Chandrasekara Swami on Friday (March 5) inside the temple, 108 Sangaabhisekam on Saturday (March 6) evening, small chariot procession on Sunday (March 7) morning, Poompavai legendary Utsavam and the procession of four Saivite Saint poets along with Vayilar Nayanar on the morning of March 8 and Bikshandar Utsavam on Tuesday (March 9) evening.

On Wednesday (March 10) morning,  there will be a procession of Natarajar and Sivakami Amman and Theerthavari inside the temple. That evening, the Utsavam will come to an end with Thiru Kalyanam, Oonjal and Pancha Murthy procession followed by Kodiyerakkam.


March 1 Kodiyetram (morning)

March 5 Chandrasekarar Rishabha Vahanam ( evening)

March 6 108 Sangaabhisekam

March 7 Siriya Thiru Ther

March 8 Four Saint Poets Processions, Poompavai Legend (morning), Chandrasekarar Parivettai Horse Vahana (Evening)

March 9 Bikshandar Utsavam (evening)

March 10 Theerthavari ( morning), Thiru Kalyanam and Kodiyerakkam (evening)

All processions will be held inside the temple. Public are allowed to participate.

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