Orderly 1008 paal kudam procession, abhishekam

The mass milk abhishekam event dedicated to Kolavizhi Amman in Mylapore is a well organised affair. Imagine carrying this out involving 1008 people and milk pots.

There isn’t much madness in the method. It is smooth.

And so it was since early morning; starting at Sri Kapali Temple, the women carrying the paal kudams walked down to the amman shrine a couple of kilometres away and then offered the milk for the long abhishekam.

This event takes place in the days leading to the panguni vizha at Sri Kapali Temple, due mid-March this year.

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One Comment on “Orderly 1008 paal kudam procession, abhishekam”

  1. Oh boy!!

    What a crowd of women walking in rows covering entire breadth of road in Karneeswarar koil street. I had saw the crowd, all walking close together, carrying some white liquid and maintaining no social distancing or wearing masks.

    I had to take another route to go to church.

    Why cant these event be toned down to something symbolic and let go….


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