Quiet, order at Alwarpet vaccine centre this morning

After the chaos, quiet and order.

This was the scene at the much-frequented GCC-run vaccine centre on C. P. Ramaswamy Road today.

The gates were open just after 7 a.m. and people strolled in, picked up their tokens and found chairs lined up apart so they could sit in the shade in the open.

Policemen kept an eye on the situation from afar. Some 200 doses of both brands of the vaccine were received on time and the jab process began by about 9.30 am. The process was smooth.

Medical staff said that word could go around that those who needed the second jab could drop by by noon. But it is not clear which brand of vaccine is better available for the jab today.

  • Reports by Madhan Kumar, Aishwarya R.



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