R. A. Puram student reported ‘missing’ located

A senior school student who resides in R. A. Puram and went ‘missing’ has been located early this morning. His family is said to be travelling out to b ring him back, shared a source close to the family at noon.

Unconfirmed information indicated that the young boy who studies at a well-known school across the Adyar river left home ‘unable to take the stress’ of studies. Another source following the case last night said the boy was asked by his school to ‘repeat’ his academic studies since he could not be passed to the next class.

Contacts to the boy’s family did not get any response last night.

SOS ‘missing’ messages were put out online, including a photo of the boy and a contact phone number. State officers in Adyar were alerted too. It is said that the boy seems to have travelled to Puducherry, but this is unconfirmed.

People who know the parents of the boy say they are relieved now .