1987 batch of P. S. Senior group to serve pandemic-affected people

Here is one more group that is reaching out in pandemic times.
The group is called Friends InDeed and is made of friends from the 1987 batch of P.  S. Senior Secondary School. One of its members is Carnatic vocalist and teacher Dr. S. Sowmya.
They joined hands recently to provide assistance to people affected by the ongoing pandemic.
Says S. Balasubramanian, “We have been providing grocery kits to the poor and needy across Chennai. These kits will take care of a family of 4 for about a month.”

Members are also conducting online ‘mindfulness’ sessions. “This is for people not to panic and handle situations with more awareness and also raise their immunity with some breathing exercises.
We have been giving counselling over phone,” says  Balasubramanian.
The group intends to also supply food/ medicines and other essentials they order for in cases where they have nobody to turn to. And the services are free.
Contact Balasubramanian / 9841045980 ( phone and WhatsApp number).

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