At Mada St. vaccine camp, lots of youths take the jab today

There seems to be much confusion and mixed responses from the GCC run clinics to the move to offer the vaccine to youths.

This May 20 morning, at the GCC Alwarpet clinic, a staff sent away youths who came by saying ‘ check tomorrow’.

The same happened at the GCC Appu Street clinic, with a woman staff informing youth who checked from their bikes.

But at a street side camp on South Mada Street, hosted by the local area Vyabarigal Sangam and checked out by the Mylapore MLA, the medical staff said they had 300 doses of Covishield and that they were given permission to vaccinate 18years old and plus if they had valid documents.

Earlier, the organisers said that the camp was primarily for staff at local stores and hawkers.

At noontime, there were at least 30 youths seated here awaiting the jab and the process was smooth outside Hotel Karpagam.

“So why are other GCC clinics refusing the jab to youths?”
“That we don’t know,” was the answer.

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  1. I received the first dose of Covisheild at South mada street camp. Such camps help us very much. They gave me a card with details of name, age, aadharnumber, mobile number and the name Covisheild. If we do online registration we get a document of vaccine. For camps like this is the card , the only proof. Or do we get downloadable certificate too.

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