Covid aid workers frustrated at refusal of people to take the vaccine

Covid care workers are getting frustrated and yet labouring on in colonies habited by economically weak families. People living in the kuppams and slums.

They are frustrated because many people are not keen to take the vaccine, and they proffer a variety of reasons, mostly with out any basis. Mostly fanned by local gossip.

“We hear it is painful.”
“People get fever they say”
“We may be taken to hospital and we don’t know what will happen there.”
“Are you taking us for the jab because you get a commission?”

Covid workers say that by a rough calculation, at least 6 to 7 people in 10 have not taken the vaccine and aren’t keen to. “Convincing these people takes time. Some people make sarcastic comments,” said one worker who also resides in the seaside colony.

In a  congested colony like Srinivasapuram off Pattinapakkam on the Marina shoreline, GCC held a fever and vaccine camp in a community space there but only 20 plus people turned up. That was some 7/8 weeks ago.

Nothing has been done thereafter.

Covid cases pop up now and then in these colonies.


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  1. Very True… I had a tough time convincing our house maid servant to get jabbed, and she finally did, only after i went with her at the special camp… also assuring we will be responsible for her wellbeing…. but the best part of her getting jabbed, was around 5/6 folks who reside in her colony came forward seeing her getting jabbed.

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