Seafood hawker joints on Marina told to shut down

Some five to six home-based food joints in the colonies off Marina Loop Road have been asked to shut down since Monday when the second phase of the lockdown came into effect.

These food joints, located in places like Srinivasapuram and Dooming kuppam were open till last weekend, serving the local residents who did not cook at home – a simple meal is priced at Rs.50 and charges are extra for seafood you order.

Many take-aways were also effected here.

Run by a family, each food joint is located just outside their homes hugging the Loop Road.

In ordinary times, salesmen, people working in offices or stores in San Thome and Mylapore seeking seafood meals patronise these informal food hawker places.

One Comment on “Seafood hawker joints on Marina told to shut down”

  1. Whatever it is…its a mini super spreader.

    So its nice and calming to hear the government has got wiser .

    A total lockdown without relaxations is the wisest thing I wished for. It came to pass, thanks to newly appointed young government. These joints as well have to close as I am daily seeing people drink alcohol and having non veg with many bunching in a small room of a house nestdoor. No complaints worked but now its heartening its working… Wiser and smarter than MT.

    Hope you find super spreader stories elsewhere. Not in Chennai.

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