Creative Work of Mylapore Children

The grumbling football

By M. Manasa

Oh! How I have to roll in the dust and mud
With others kicking me mercilessly
Why God? Am I nothing but a crud?

My dear football why do you moan?
A voice from the above was perceived
You have many trump cards of which I am known

All the kids love playing with you endlessly
It teaches them about the act of sportsmanship
Be a kid or an adult they can’t resist playing with you fervently

Being kissed during a penalty kick
Must give you indescribable joy
The feeling of being loved is ever beatific

Yes my dear lord now I understand
How important I am to this endless world
From now there is nothing that I can’t withstand

Manasa M is a student of P S. SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL and resides at Justice Sundaram road

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