Now, local vaccine centres provide for people who register online and for walk-ins

Chennai Corporation had on Thursday this past week launched a website for residents to register a Covid-19 vaccination slot for the next day.

People who want to take the jab are asked to register online at

Chennai Corporation says one-third of the vaccines at each centre managed by the civic body will be allocated for people who have got a OK on the online mode of registration.

Two-thirds of the vaccines will be administered for people in the walk-in mode.

This new system was in place in Alwarpet. The Corporation’s Health Centre on C P Ramaswamy Road, which has been a beehive of activity since the day the jabs were offered in March this year is now closed to the public.

Instead, vaccination operations are based at the Chennai School ( run by Chennai Corporation ) on Bheemana Garden Street, that runs off the main road near Kirtilal’s Jewellery / opposite Dr Ranga Road junction.

The spacious setup allows aid workers to cater to the two sections of people – those who have got their registration done online are treated at one place and the walk-in people are treated at another.

People here on Saturday said the process in smooth – just that they had to bear the sweaty mornings.

Some 100 people were present on this school campus, all keen to get the jab.

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