This steamy, spicy home-made sundal sells fast at a street corner

This may be pandemic time but for some people, the sort of people who love their favourite food or snack, the virus is just not on their minds.
If you move around some of the busy zones of Mylapore, you may spot a few places where a crowd has gathered. And you can bet your last rupee that those people are trying to grab a snack.
Even smalltime snack-sellers draw a big crowd. Take this hawker who parks himself at the junction of Ponnambala Vadhyar Street and Pitchu Pillai Street.
He sells steaming hot and spicy sundal. Home-made. And it vanishes in under an hour.
The sundal is placed on top of the seat of the man’s moped and there are people who anticipate his arrival.
He is at this spot at 6 p.m;. and a pack of spicy sundal costs twenty rupees.  The moment the first jar of sundal is sold out, he brings out the second jar.
He also has kozhakattai to offer.
Report and photo by S. Prabhu

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