Devotees not to be allowed for next Pradosham at Sri Kapali Temple. Safety measure.

While the HR & CE administered Sri Parthasarathy Temple in Thiruvallikeni allowed devotees without restrictions for the procession of lord Ranganatha and Vedavalli Thayar, one that was accompanied by the huge prabhandham reciting contingent on Friday evening, the officials at Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple in Mylapore are taking a safe call and sticking to Covid-time protocols that existed late last year when the temples reopened for devotees after the lockdown.

With the relaxation in lockdown restrictions and the opening up of temples, the devotees had hoped for darshan inside the temple complex of the next Pradosham that is coming up on Wednesday.

However, on Saturday, the temple officials have taken a safety first call and will be restricting devotees’ entry for the Pradosham event.

In line with this decision, the temple will be closed to devotees next Wednesday evening between 4pm and 6.30pm while the Pradosham event takes place inside the temple, an official told Mylapore Times on Saturday.

The official said that soon after the Pradosham procession, devotees will be allowed into the temple at around 6.30pm or so.

Head Priest E. Venkatasubramanian Shivachariar had told this writer on Friday evening that they would like to take as many preventive steps as possible this fortnight to ensure that large crowds don’t gather at the temple. This, he said, was in the long-term interests of the devotees.

It may be recalled that devotees have not been able to be part of the Pradosham at this temple in May and June this year.

  • Report by S.  Prabhu

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