Mylapore MLA keen to bring back the buzz to playground around P. S. School

Mylapore MLA Dha. Velu says that he has presented to the state government a plan for the development of the open ground between P. S. School campus, R. K. Mutt Road and Venkatesa Agraharam.

Originally belonging to Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple and then leased out to the P. S. School management, the massive open space in the heart of Mylapore has been contested in court over years.

The MLA says that he has presented some ideas to HR & CE minister Sekar Babu when the minister spent much time earlier this week at the temple and  went around the properties that belong to this temple or are contested.his

Velu says that the open ground was the lively hub of sports and cricket for decades and that lots of  local youths have appealed to him to arrange for access to play here, access which was stopped some years ago due to legal issues and court orders.

Velu says P. S. School has agreed informally that while the play space be allowed for the school’s students during its working hours, the space can be allowed to outsiders later.

“I have asked for a formal meeting with the school management to discuss this issue and firm up some plans,” Velu said. “Partitioning the ground as it is today has not helped either the school or others. ”


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