What do we do to retain water in the tank of Sri Kapali Temple? Minister briefed during recent visit

Yet another debate is going on at the state government level on the condition of the tank of Sri Kapali Temple. And again, some worn-out issues are being popped up.

The discussion has happened during the recent visit and tour by HR&CE minister Sekar Babu.  He made a pit stop at the temple tank, with the Mylapore MLA, the temple’s executive officer and others present.

The temple’s officer D. Kaveri briefed the minister on the flow of rainwater into the tank and the drains and inlets that fed it when it rained.

The MLA wondered if it was the quality of the soil in the tank’s bed that did not sustain the retention of the water.

It appears from the discussion that day at that spot that the concern was more about the retention of water.

MLA Dha. Velu says there is a move to ask experts at IIT-Madras to undertake soil tests and suggest solutions – again, on how best to retain water in the tank.

This recent summer, the tank was bone dry for weeks; the recent spell of rains has created small swathes of water around the central region.

The water does not retain in the tank because the groundwater levels keep dipping as hundreds of pumps in private properties all around the tank and temple, keep drawing up the water day in and day out.


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