On cloudy, rainy evenings the Marina, still barricaded attracts lots of people

The Marina beach looks very inviting on the evenings when rain-bearing clouds hover above it. And despite restrictions, a good number of people hover on the fringe of the beach even on weekdays.

On Thursday, for example, lots of cars and bikes were parked on Marina Loop Road, with visitors having to hang on the road’s edge since police patrols went up and down, shooing away people who stepped on to the sands.

A Maruti Gypsy of the Chennai Police also patrolled the shore and did not allow people to head to the waters.

But as the clouds began to gather, more people were seen on the Loop Road, content to enjoy the strong wind and the light drizzle. Some snacked at the few hand-cart stalls that sold chaat and bajjis while others bargained at the stalls of fish-hawkers.

Many other people, disappointed at the restrictions walked up and down the beach promenade. And some, realising that the Light House was now open again to the public, bought tickets and took the lift to the top to scan the sights the city offers you from that perch.

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