Civic staff grow kitchen garden on banks of Canal despite the stink and dirt

Would you expect a vegetable garden on the banks of the stinking, stagnated waters of the Buckingham Canal in Mylapore?  You wouldn’t want to even want to hang around here.

But one Chennai Corporation staffer made this effort under the MRTS elevation of the rail line off Kutchery Road. He made use of the local soil and recycled waste to raise a kitchen garden of sorts. But it was left unattended the past months due to the pandemic.

Now, the garden is getting new life because the current GCC staff want to see it thrive – growing keerai, tomatoes, lady’s finger.

GCC contracted people working here get a daily supply of wet waste from Urbaser which is turned into manure over many weeks. Some of this manure is used to enrich the garden here.

But they have a problem – water supply has dried up due to a faulty connection. So people here cannot water the green patch.

When the Mylapore MLA was told about it, he asked the local area GCC AE to address the issue.

This team of GCC is showing how something fruitful can be developed even in what is not a welcoming space.

If you wan to the buy the manure GCC sells, do it – here are details –

Photo here shows staff drying the recycled waste to make manure

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