Mass cleaning in the environment of two Mylapore temples

Service personnel of Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple  were involved in cleaning the  inner and outer prakaras, the steps of the temple tank on all the four sides and the four streets surrounding the temple
on Monday.
The service personnel were also involved in cleaning the inner and outer prakara of Sri Vaaleswarar Temple
that falls under the administration of the Kapali Temple officers.
The cleaning operations will go on for three days.

Mylapore’s MLA, Dha Velu has said previously that he is keen to ensure maintenance and repairs in all Mylapore temples administered by the state.

2 Comments on “Mass cleaning in the environment of two Mylapore temples”

  1. Shut off the lane between west ( smaller gopuram) and temple tank to traffic to prevent speeding autos and two wheelers. stop the corner from being used as urinal.

  2. Corrected. (ignore the earlier one)
    Good to note.
    But when will the unauthorised encroachments by way of petty shops
    in the North Mada Street, along side the Northern Bank of Sri Kabali Theertham (tank)
    hindering the view of the temple tank , the three leg stone pillar and the temple itself, will be removed to main heritage.
    Hope the authorities to look into this also to relocate the unauthorised illegal encroached shops.

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