With vaccination centralised locally, Public Health Centres are back to treating pregnant women, immunising kids

Vaccination by Chennai Corporation, having being centralised in each zone has allowed the staff of the civic body’s Urban Health Centres to devote time to dealing with pregnant women and kids who need immunisation.

This is evident across the Mylapore area now where even cases of Covid reported officially, daily are in single digits.

For some weeks now, all vaccination is provided at the GCC’s school in Bheemanapet. Those who seek the jab in other local-area centres are told to head to this centre located off C. P. Ramaswamy Road.

And at the GCC centres in Alwarpet, R K Nagar, San Thome and Mylapore, nurses and medical staff posted here are busy dealing with pregnant women and mothers who seek immunisation for their kids.

“Our attention to pre- and post natal care dropped due to the pandemic’s demands but now we are giving it full attention, “ said a doctor who works at the Teynampet zone level. She is happy that the pressures of vaccination are off the back of most staff now.

“Our nurses who go out into the field inform young mothers and others that we are now open with our services  and women have been visiting all our centres,” the doctor, who wished to remain anonymous said. “Many pregnant women were avoiding our centres because of the virus threat. Now, the scenario has changed.”

  • File photo of local PHC used here

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