Community complains of noise pollution created by events at new space on Luz Church Road

The residents of Luz Avenue 5th Street, Mylapore say that events held at a bungalow that is now a venue for social and cultural meets are so loud at times that they are affected badly.

Recently, one old, independent house on Luz Church Road was refurbished and converted into a public-use hall, named Primrose 131. This campus shares the wall with residential apartments on the street. Just across this hall are two hospitals – St Isabel’s Hospital and Chennai Meenakshi Multispeciality Hospital.

Seetha Sri Raman, representing the local community says that recently, the hall was rented out for a function where loud nadaswaram music was performed from 5am to 1pm.

“While we have nothing against nadaswaram, you cannot force residents, who want to live in peace and quiet, to listen to it for long periods of time. A few days back,  a party was held with extremely loud music accompanied by yodelling/ shouting of people attending the party,” she says in a mail.

The community has complained to the manager of the hall and request the owners of this property to make sure events held here do not pollute the zone. This appeal is from members of Luz Avenue West Residents Association and Arambh Apartments Owners Association.



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