Home-nursing course promoted by nuns in San Thome. Part of social work at pandemic tme.

Two Catholic nuns of the FMM congregation based in the San Thome campus of St. Rapahel’s Girls School have been deeply involved in a slew of social work projects which were triggered by the pandemic situation in 2020.

These are projects that empower women who are either socially or economically weak or discriminated.

The latest project that Sister Philo and her colleague started is a short-term course in Home Nursing. “We have seen a big demand in home nurses since last year and want to train women in this line,” said Sr. Philo on Saturday.

With basic lessons provided by senior nurses, the three-month course has 25 young women attending it.  The tie-up with Venkateswara Hospitals provides for hands-on training.

Once the first batch is skilled, the women will be placed and Sr. Philo says that a smart home nurse can earn as much as Rs.20,000 per month, working either for a few hours or for long hours at one place.

Since mid-2020, the nuns have been running courses in tailoring, computer skills for trans-women and in baking. And they credit their Provincial, Sister Nirmala G., for encouraging them on these projects.

But they are short on funds and welcome donations. Contact Sr. Philo at  9894480194

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