Big rush at Mylapore Post office to parcel sweets to loved ones

The special parcel booking counter at Mylapore Post Office on Kutchery Road is still busy as its team packs and books packs of sweets and savouries booked by Mylaporeans.

The past three weeks, this section has been on overdrive since bookings to the USA take close to a fortnight and a big stream of people kept packing off sweets to their loved ones.

A India Post staffer says the local office must have done business of over Rs.50 lakhs.

Now, Deepavali packs meant for destinations inside the country are being handled. The counter is open 10 to 6 pm ( closed on Sunday) but for late comers the Business Post team handles the bookings.

You can ask the team to pack the sweetmeats for you for a small fee and if you need the stuff to be picked up, call 94548 42115 ( PO staff).

Leading stores are also using this facility to cater to their clients. Grand Sweets does so, we are told.

In the past years, the PO has also handled bookings of Navaratri kolu dolls to be sent abroad.